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survival tips
8 Simple Life Hacks
Incredible Life Hacks and Gadgets
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Изумрудный город (Emerald City). 1 сезон 7 серия, (They Came First): бесплатно в хорошем 720 HD качестве –

Премьера: 06 января 2017
Канал, Страна: NBC (США)
Рейтинг IMDb: 7.3
Жанр: Драма, Фэнтези
Тип: По книге, Магия
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1 сезон 7 серия They Came First
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You want to be professional and have a positive attitude so that you can leave a lasting impression for future opportunities.2. You should know what is going on at all times. You will want to listen carefully for the signals that your customers are throwing your way. You want to take into account all of there needs and wants when it comes to special events that are done. 3. Make sure that you have good information about your customers. You want to make sure that you can promote your event to all of your internal customers so that they know what the party is about. You will feel a lot better knowing that you can get a great deal of customers to hear about the fun that you are having so that they will want to come along for the great ride.4. You may want to make phone calls to all of your internal customers so that they can be formally invited. You will want to keep all of the invitations as personal as you can. You will feel better knowing that you are able to reach your former customers and keep them informed about the great events that are taking place for you. This is something that you can do to make your internal customers feel like they are very important to you.5. Stay in contact with the past clients that you have. You will want to make sure that you are able to keep in contact with them so that you can formally invite them to your event. This is the way that you can keep your contacts so that you are able to have your past and current clients together and having fun.6. Take the time to learn the interests of your internal and external clients. You will want to make sure that you are able to keep in touch with the needs of your clients so that you are meeting all of their wants. You will find that this is a great way to stay in contact with the concerns that they have and keep them interested in your event as well.7. Be patient. You want to make sure that you have patience so that you are able to take your time with each customer. You want them to feel as if they are the most important clients to you so you will want to give them a little extra effort and time. You will feel good about the way that you will feel when you are done and everyone comes to your event. 8. You want to make sure that you are advertising your events with your customers as often as you can. You want to make sure that you are reaching a lot of different people through your advertising. You want to get them interested and informed about your special party.9. Take a few minutes each week to make sure that you able to think of new and creative ways to make your internal customers more interested in your events. You want to keep them informed and able to hear about all the great events that you are planning for them. This is the best way to keep everyone connected and on the same page. Nature BraceletsKids love to collect things, with this fun summer activity they can collect a little bit of nature and have a keepsake for later. All that is needed to start this craft and activity is a roll of clear packing tape and a pair of scissors to cut it.Cut a piece of tape that is long enough to go loosely around the child’s wrist with a small amount needed for overlap. When you put the tape around each child’s wrist put the sticky side out. And that is all the prep that is needed.Send the kids out into the backyard, park – somewhere outdoors and have them find things to add to their bracelets. They will have to be small so they will stay stuck on the tape. But small flowers, blades of grass, or leaves should all work. Have them find enough treasures or bits of nature to completely cover the tape. They can wear their creation for the day and when it is time to go inside carefully cut the tape of each wrist.Either use more tape or use staples to fix the nature bracelet to a piece of poster board or construction paper. Have each child write about the different bits of nature they collected for their bracelet and why. If you have a child who can’t write yet, ask them why they picked each item and write it down for them. Most kids won’t have a hard time finding things to put on their bracelet and may even be done in record time. As long as you have enough tape, let them make as many nature bracelets that they want and use them for a collage later on. Another alternative is to bring a piece of paper outside with tape already adhered to it – the kids can put their nature finds right on the paper.9 Article Marketing TipsArticle marketing can do a lot for your business. You just have to know a few things and here are some tips to help you out. 1. First, you have to make sure that whatever you are writing about is relevant. If you know for a fact that your product could be very useful, then do some research about it and then end the article with a link to your website. Before you upload the article, check if the site you plan to put this has this as one of their topics. 2. Just like what you read in the newspaper or see on television, the article must be both timely and newsworthy. This will allow you stay in touch with what is happening in the world. One good way is signing up with a site that gives you alerts with regards to certain topics. 3. Some writers post one article and that’s it. Just like movie producers in Hollywood, you should post a sequel to this because there could already be new information available which you could share to the public. 4. You should also make your articles viral. What this simply means is allowing other people to publish your article just as long as nothing is changed and you are given credit for it. Another way of doing this is offering your writing services to others which will become added revenue for you. 5. Each article you write must be short and simple. It must be short so that it will not bore the reader. Simple so that they will be able to understand the message you are trying to convey. 6. Just how many articles must your write to increase traffic? The good news is that you only need 2 to get things started. A good title will be “ how to do something” and “ x number of tips for something.” If this catches their interest, that person will most likely click on the link to your site and then buy something. The bottom line is that it increases web traffic. 7. You can stop at just 2 articles to promote your site. If you have other products, you can write articles on it as well and then mention in the resource box. This is known as cross-referencing which a lot of webmasters allow their contributors to do. 8. Aside from posting your written work in other websites, don’t forget to also put these in your own. If you have written 10 or more about the same topic, put these together to what is known as an e-book and then pass this along for free. Again, if people like what is written there then people wouldn’t remind reading it several times. 9. Aside from posting in websites, make use of RSS feeds. There are plenty of them around so make use of it. There are two ways to get into article marketing. The first is to write it yourself and just hope that people will appreciate your writing style. The other is to hire someone to do it. Some charge by the hour while others charge per word. It may be worth it if this increases traffic to your site. By following these article marketing tips, it won’t be long before you get a lot of hits. <p></p>Planning For A Holiday Surfing Trip - Details To Consider To Avoid ProblemsIf you're to go into a holiday surfing trip with friends or families then you need to make sure that you plan it well to avoid problems later on. Your surfboard and luggage are not the only ones you need to consider; there are other factors you need to look into to make this trip the best holiday experience you will never forget.Deciding On a LocationIf you're aiming to go on a holiday surfing trip then the first thing you need to plan out is the location. Of course, there are plenty of areas where surfing conditions are good but you need to think about it thoroughly instead of just basing your choice on how high the swells are.For example, if there are people in your group who are complete novices in surfing then you might want to look for a location with good surfing condition, as well as surfspots for beginners to enjoy the experience. It is also a good idea to look into the possibility of surfing lessons offered along the beaches where you're planning to spend your surfing holiday.Gears to BringIf you don’t have to travel far just to get to your best surfing location then you can bring all your gears with you on the road -- surfboards, luggage, foodstuff, and the likes. However, if you're planning to spend more than a few days in a remote location accessible only by plane then you need to pack light so you won't to worry about luggage hurdles later on.In most cases, almost all beaches in the world offer surfboard rentals, as well as other gears that you might need for the activity. It's true that most surfers prefer to use their own equipments, but if you don’t have enough roof for your board then you might want to think about renting your gears when you reach your destination.AccommodationsThe most important factor to consider if you're going to another location to spend your holiday surfing then you needs to plan head in terms of accommodations. The best choice is to pick a resort or a hotel that is near your surfspot so you won't have to travel far just to challenge the swells.Since you won't be spending all your holiday time on the beach and skimming through the waves then it is also best to consider other recreational and entertainment venues to get the most out of your vacation. If there are tourist attractions in the area then you might want to join a tour or consider fun places to visit in advance so you can map out your campaign. Visiting the local surfing club is also a great way to spend your surfing holiday -- meet expert and novice surfers in a local club, share experience, and find time to challenge the ways during your holiday trip. Title: 9 Tips for playing well under pressure.Word Count:490Summary:Follwo and discover what the bet tips are when you are under pressure.Keywords:golf instructions, golf lessons, golf tips, golf schools, ecco golf schoes, impact golf trainingArticle Body:Get Every Putt to the Hole There is even more to content than finding profitable keywords and structuring your site into easy-to-navigate tiers. You must optimize each and every page on your website to perform well and rank high at search engines. Many people devote their working life to optimization secrets. A full length article just on optimizing is possible. Heck, a full length book is possible. My recommendation is to use a hosting company that automatically teaches you how to optimize web pages for the engines. Doing that will cause less headache and frustration and it will keep you focused on building content. 9. He will not just present to you his victories but be happy to tell you why and how he lost certain cases. There are a lot of benefits to going. Benefits that aren't always clear until you're there, in the hallways, in the bars, at lunch... talking with folks who are doing EXACTLY what you are doing. navigation system for bmw 325i bmw navigation professional kompatible handys bmw navigator 5 registrieren 2 din navigation bmw e39 bmw 2004 navigation cd Decide whether a cash accounting system or accrual one will benefit your business. The tax deductions are different depending on the system you use. When setting up your small business take the advice of a tax and accounting professional as to which accounting system would be most suitable.10 Ways To Relieve StressStress is not a very pleasant experience but unfortunately life throws situations full of incongruence at us that challenge our ability to remain calm. The reasons are endless from the noisy neighbor to the pizza boy whom keeps delivering a pepperoni pizza when I asked for a Hawaiian pizza with extra cheese and…..well, you get my drift.The solution centers on focus and relaxation. These 10 ways to relieve stress will help you maintain a balance between keeping your blood pressure down and blowing a gasket at work, at home or during other social times.1.Don’t focus on the problem, focus on the solution. Replace a negative thought with something positive like a funny moment recently or something personally enlightening e.g. birth of a baby.2.If at work, change your seating position or go for a stroll around the office if stress is hitting you. 3.Try some yoga as this teaches you through exercise to focus on being calm.4.Go for a walk in the park or go for a swim, activities like these help to relieve stress.5.Get a head massage or do it yourself. Gentle rubbing of the scalp is a very effective way to put you at ease. Meditation and also massage techniques offer great therapy. A great way to meditate is to close your eyes and focus on one thing such as your controlled breathing. 6.Play a game (if allowed while at work) or do a crossword. Activities like these allow you to easily find at least 10 ways to relieve stress so shift your focus away from whatever is stressing you. It’s a known fact that computer game lovers enjoy obliterating aliens or whatever as a means to alleviate stress.7.This is an issue at work though if you can, play some music. Perhaps your employer will allow headphones. Sound that invokes feelings of serenity such as sea waves or forests can act as an excellent reliever.8.Perhaps, you have heard the song ‘the drugs don’t work’ from The Verve and it’s all true. Being lethargic or stressed should not mean reaching for the pharmaceutical cupboard. Stimulants cannot remove the problem or help to forget it. Grab a huge drink of water instead and enjoy the feeling of refreshment.9.Try Humor! As part of this list explaining 10 ways to relieve stress, this is probably the most effective method. Laughing brings you into the brighter side of your daily life. Read some jokes, or tell them to colleagues.10.Try to sleep for at least 7 or 8 hours every night. More early nights and a proper sleep pattern will allow you to feel more relaxed each day and less prone to procrastination and lethargic behavior.Follow these 10 ways to relieve stress to start leading a healthy life and improve your ways of tackling daily stress to feel better each day.Sun ArtThis is a craft where the sun will do most of the work. You will need to find the sunniest spot in your house or yard and it will take some time – at least three hours of full sunlight. You will need brightly colored construction paper and various shaped objects.Lay the piece of paper in the sunny location first and then place the objects on the page. Be sure to leave space around each object, they should not be touching. Items such as leaves, coins, utensils, or anything else with an interesting shape can be used. Then you have to wait, but it will be worth it.After a period of time, the sun will fade the paper that is not covered by the objects that were place on it. When you take the shapes off you will have made a picture with the sun. To make it more interesting you can use different shapes or objects to create a picture or a scene instead of only trying to get shapes. Good materials to use for making a sun picture are different shapes of pasta, string, and other household items such as cotton swabs and cotton balls.It is best to use a bright colored piece of paper or this craft will not work properly. The quality of paper used should not be poster board. The poster board or similar paper will still fade but it will take longer (maybe more than one day in the sun) to get the desired result.Be careful with the finished artwork. If you hang them up in a sunny spot in the house, the sun may continue to work on the paper and fade away the hard work that was put into the craft. The best way to preserve it is to tuck it away in a scrapbook or art folder.Surfing Tips To Jumpstart Your Surfing CareerSurfing is one of the popular surface water sports today. It is impossible not to find surfers in beaches -- from beginners who are on their first time to skim the waves and expert surfers showing their moves to the benefit of the crowd. If you're of a mind to try your hand in surfing then here are some surfing tips to help you acquire the skills to skim the waves like an expert in the shortest possible time, as well as avoiding the dangers that comes with it.Tip 1: Start With LessonsMany surfers, especially those who learned from scratch on their own, tend to advice hands-on experience to get better in the sport. However, the best way to get better at it fast and easy is to learn it from an expert through surfing lessons. One of the best things about attending surfing classes is that you will be thought everything you need to know about the sport without having to find out on your own. You will be undergoing physical exercises to help improve your leg and arm power, as well as helping you learn to balance your body to maneuver your board with ease. Also, these classes will give you in-depth knowledge on how to use your equipment and gears to their full potential, as well as safety tips to avoid hurting yourself when you're skimming through the waves.Tip 2: Find Your BalanceAny surfer in the planet would tell you that finding your balance is very important to a successful surfing experience. Outside your classes, you can practice your balance on a surfboard in your swimming pool (if its big enough) or you can do so on the beach. First, you need to find a position for your body to lie down or stand up. You can mark the board as reference in the future -- but you need to make sure that you are well balanced before you attempt the swells to avoid getting wiped out.Tip 3: Know the Best Locations to SurfIf you want to be an expert surfer then you need to try out other locations than the local surfspot to really get into the spirit of the sport. It is normal for surfers to go on a road trip to find the best surfsports for them to try out their skills. Besides, experience different surfing grounds tend to add to the overall experience for your improvement.Tip # 4: Safety FirstThe one of the most important surfing tips is the one about your safety. That's right; surfing can be a dangerous sport, especially if you're not familiar with the hazards and not knowledgeable of the steps to avoid it. For starters, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment, like your surfboard tied securely to your ankle with a leash, wearing a floatation device, surveying the location for hidden sandbars, rocks, or shallow reefs that might result to accidents while surfing. 11 Heart Disease FactsTaking the time to know the facts about heart disease is one of the first steps to help with prevention. Here are some facts relating to heart disease that may help you with your battle so you can win easily.1. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in America.2. Heart disease death rate per 100,000 populations for the five largest cities in the U.S. based on racial and ethnic groups are Hispanics 69.2, Asians and Pacific Islanders 73, American Indians 82.5, Blacks 189.8, and Whites 235.5.3. Coronary heart disease is the principle type of heart disease. In 2005 over 445,000 died of coronary heart disease, which equals 68.3% of all heart disease deaths that year.4. 47% of all cardiac deaths occur before emergency services or transportation to the hospital.5. Heart disease is projected to cost more than $304.6 billion, which includes the health care services, medications, and time off work.6. In 2005, more that 7.6 million people died from heart disease worldwide. 7. Risk factors noted in 2003-2004 for adults with heart disease were contributed to 32.1% of people 20 years or older with hypertension or taking medication for hypertension; 16.9% of people 20 years or older with high cholesterol; 10% of people 20 years or older with doctor diagnosed diabetes; 32% of people 20 years or older with obesity; 18.4% of people 18 years or old that smoked; and 39.5% of people 18 years or older that did not have a standard exercise regimen.8. 37% in 2003 reported having two or more of the risk factors for heart disease and stroke, which include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, current smoking, physical inactivity, obesity, and diabetes.9. In 2005, 92% of people suffering from chest pains recognized the symptoms of the possible heart attack with only 27% correctly knowing they were having a heart attack and contacted the emergency authorities for assistance. Timely access to emergency services can mean the difference between life and death. Knowing the signs and symptoms of heart attacks can and will save your life when you act accordingly.10. According to studies, people with heart disease can lower their risks of heart attacks when they lower their cholesterol and blood pressure as well as avoiding needing surgery for heart bypass and angioplasty. To reduce the risks, take the steps to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol.11. According to studies of people without heart disease, they reduce their potential risks of heart disease by lowering their cholesterol and high blood pressure. When a person changes their unhealthy life style patterns, they reduce the risks of heart disease and strokes.11 Tips On Allergies And Home RemediesMany millions of people suffer from allergies. There are all types of allergies, everything from dust and pollen, to animal dander, to certain types of foods. The most common symptoms of an allergy is a runny nose, watery itchy eyes, sneezing, pressure, headaches, and nausea. The good news is there are many very effective allergies home remedies that you can use that will eliminate, or at least diminish, your reliance on expensive and side effect heavy prescription and over the counter drugs and may help you get rid of the allergies altogether. Here are some things that you can try:1. Taking Vitamin E is believed to help increase your body's ability to fight off allergens. Many people have gotten relief from their allergies by taking a daily dose of Vitamin E. 2. Many people claim that adding a few drops of castor oil to a half cup of juice can help alleviate your allergy. You can also add the castor oil to a glass of water if you prefer. 3. Use the allergy relief furnace filters in your furnace and make sure to replace them as often as the manufacturer recommends. 4. Use a bleach water solution in any areas of your home that tend to get damp. This can help eliminate the growth of mold which is a prime cause of allergies. 5. Keep your pets bathed and brushed. If you can't do it yourself take them to a groomer. 6. Try to avoid any house cleaning chores that tend to stir up a lot of dust. If possible get someone else to vacuum, dust, or sweep.7. If you can, try to replace your carpets with wood or tile flooring and just a few area rugs. Carpets are like magnets and they can really hold on to a lot of dust and dander. 8. Buy an air purifier and make sure to replace the filters frequently. 9. Keep your pets out of your sleeping area. This is the one area of your house that it's particularly important to be an allergy free zone. You need to be fully rested and if you're up sneezing all night long you can't get the sleep you need. 10. Make sure to frequently wash all of your bedding in hot water. This is another place that dust mites and dander can really build up fast, and since this is also where you sleep it's very important to keep it as free of dust as possible. 11. When cutting the grass you should consider wearing a mask to keep the dust from blowing into your face. This may also help whenever you are out working in the yard if you are prone to seasonal allergies. Whether you are looking for something to relieve your allergy symptoms or eliminate your allergies altogether, these allergies home remedies can provide you with some much needed relief. Use one, or all, of the tips on this list and keep looking until you find the combination that works best for you. You do have options and don't have to just rely on store bought allergy products.Different Types of StockThe different types of stock are what confuse most first time investors. That confusion causes people to turn away from the stock market altogether, or to make unwise investments. If you are going to play the stock market, you must know what types of stock are available and what it all means!Common Stock is a term that you will hear quite often. Anyone can purchase common stock, regardless of age, income, age, or financial standing. Common stock is essentially part ownership in the business you are investing in. As the company grows and earns money, the value of your stock rises. On the other hand, if the company does poorly or goes bankrupt, the value of your stock falls. Common stock holders do not participate in the day to day operations of a business, but they do have the power to elect the board of directors. Along with common stock, there are also different classes of stock. The different classes of stock in one company are often called Class A and Class B. The first class, class A, essentially gives the stock owner more votes per share of stock than the owners of class B stock. The ability to create different classes of stock in a corporation has existed since 1987. Many investors avoid stock that has more than one class, and stocks that have more than one class are not called common stock. The most upscale type of stock is of course Preferred Stock. Preferred stock isn’t exactly a stock. It is a mix of a stock and a bond. The owner’s of preferred stock can lay claim to the assets of the company in the case of bankruptcy, and preferred stock holders get the proceeds of the profits from a company before the common stock owners. If you think that you may prefer this preferred stock, be aware that the company typically has the right to buy the stock back from the stock owner and stop paying dividends. <Insert>Your Resource Box Here](Words: 331) Gardening for KidsHere is a summer activity that can last the entire summer. Helping the kids grow their own garden is fun and they will be able to reap the benefits before school starts again by harvesting their own vegetables.This activity will require some pre-planning and most likely should be started before school is out. The best way to start a garden for children is to germinate the seeds indoors. After it is decided what type of vegetables to grow, get the plants ready inside so they have a better chance of success when they are moved to the outdoors.Beans, radishes, and carrots are all easy vegetables to grow. Strawberries are a popular alternative to vegetables and are also considered an easy plant to take care of. Have the children make home-made row markers for their vegetable garden using paper and Popsicle sticks. You can have the pictures laminated or do-it-yourself with some clear packing tape to protect them from rain.Make the garden the child’s responsibility, if there is already a garden plot in your yard give them a section to call their own. Most children can be in charge of their own weeding and watering. This is another good activity that fosters independence and will give the children a sense of accomplishment come the end of the summer – eating vegetables that they grew themselves in their own backyard.If fruit and vegetables do not interest your child, try a different kind of plant. Growing sunflowers is very rewarding. They can grow up to 8-12 feet tall and the seeds are edible. Or, go to the garden center together and let them pick out a small plant or seeds that they want to take care of for the summer or maybe for longer if they pick a perennial plant.Surfing Problems - Common Problems In Surfing That Can Cause AccidentsIt is a misconception that surfing is free from potential problems that can be a risk to the surfer. In truth, there are many surfing problems that can put your very life at risk if you're not careful. Knowing these problems in advance can help you avoid it, or take necessary precautions to make sure that you get out of it without only a scratch or none at all if you're lucky.Not Knowing The BasicsOne of the most common surfing problems is the lack of knowledge about the sport. Novice surfers are so excited with the idea of cruising the waves that they tend to forget to arm themselves with the basic skills and preparations to avoid getting into trouble when out in the water.The best way to avoid accidents due to your inexperience is to enroll in surfing lessons first before heading out into the swells. If you want to get the feel of the sport then you can go for a 1-hour tutorial of the basics in many beaches in your area. You can enroll to more extensive lessons if you decide that you want to make a career out of it. Arming yourself with the basics, like how to balance on your board, using your equipments, and proper exercise can help you avoid lots of problems later on.DrowningDrowning is practically a common problem in surfing; especially those are not really skilled in keeping themselves out of the water after getting wiped out from their boards. Surfers are often expert swimmers and can easily keep themselves safe even after being trampled on by a towering swell. However, beginners might want to utilize a life vest or any floatation device to keep their heads out of the water just in case.Physical ObstaclesLet's face it; almost all surfspots in the world have their own share of physical obstacles that can be harmful to the surfer if they go unnoticed. For example, shallow reefs tend to hold an abundance of corals that can tear your skins off you if you manage to get wiped out over them and forced down to their reach. Sand bars and hidden rocks have caused many accidents among surfers as well. The only way to avoid this problem is to properly survey the location before attempting any waves or swells. Take time to paddle through the area to check the depth, hidden reefs, or any physical obstacles that can be a risk to your life.CrampsThat's right; muscle cramps are a major problem for anyone who delves into water sports, especially in surfing. You don’t want to suddenly get a cramp while attempting to get back on your board after being wiped out by a huge swell. The only way to avoid this problem is to do warm up exercises on the beach before you plunged into the water. Don’t get too excited with the incoming waves that you neglect to keep your muscles in good condition. Title: 12 Quick Scrapbooking Ideas To Add Interest To Your Page LayoutsWord Count:509Summary:Sometimes all a scrapbooking page needs is just a simple accent or element to add interest to the layout or to enhance the photographs. Here are a few quick and easy ideas you can use on your scrapbook pages today.1. One of the easiest scrapbooking techniques to learn is paper tearing. Paper tearing adds a soft edge to your cardstock and texture to your pages. You can choose to tear just one edge of a paper or tear completely around a mat or frame. Try tearing the bottom ...Keywords:scrapbooking ideas, scrapbooking tips and techniquesArticle Body:Sometimes all a scrapbooking page needs is just a simple accent or element to add interest to the layout or to enhance the photographs. Here are a few quick and easy ideas you can use on your scrapbook pages today.1. One of the easiest scrapbooking techniques to learn is paper tearing. Paper tearing adds a soft edge to your cardstock and texture to your pages. You can choose to tear just one edge of a paper or tear completely around a mat or frame. Try tearing the bottom edge of a tag or mount a sticker to cardstock and tear around the ends.2. Matting highlights photos and page elements. Double or triple mat a special photo on the page. Match the mat color to enhance the photo. Photos aren’t the only page elements that can be matted. Mat a sticker or dimensional embellishment.3. Add metal embellishments to your pages. Scrapbooking isn’t just about paper. Use brads, paper clips, eyelets and staples as accents on your pages. You can also use them to attach other embellishments, like ribbons and tags, to your page.4. Ribbons can be used as borders on your layouts. Take both ends of a ribbon piece and tie them together. Now cut the ribbon so the knot will be positioned as an accent on your page.5. Add something extra to your paper accents. Run your paper edges and frames along an ink pad to add some additional depth to your page.6. Take out the sandpaper. Distressing your page elements is quick and easy. Just rub the sandpaper along the edges of your chipboard. You also can sand some cardstock paper giving it a different effect.7. Keep journaling simple. The important thing is to document the photograph. Use bullet lists for journaling or just stick with who, what, where, how and when.8. Use your own handwriting. Instead of printing out journaling from your computer, try using your own handwriting. It is much more personal, and future generations will appreciate seeing your handwriting.9. Tags are one of the most versatile page elements available. Put your page titles on tags. Photos or journaling blocks can be mounted onto tags as well.10. Scrapbooking page kits keep everything coordinated. Using page kits makes putting together a scrapbooking layout fast and simple. All the paper and page elements work together, and most kits have instructions and ideas for layouts.11. Use a rubber stamp to create your own patterned page. For example, stamp a leaf image randomly on a piece of cardstock to make your own autumn-themed patterned paper.12. Make your pages interactive. By adding envelopes and pockets to your pages, you can involve others in your scrapbook album. Hide little journaling notes in envelopes, and try tucking memorabilia into pockets. You can also create mini scrapbook albums on your pages that fold out with more photos.These scrapbooking ideas are quick and easy, and they can inspire you to get more pages done. Keep your layouts simple, and try one of these ideas to add interest to your next scrapbooking page.Title: 12 Secrets for gaining massWord Count:292Summary:12 secrets for building muscle mass, learn what it takes to build muscle super fast, Build muscle fast with these body building secrets.Keywords:bodybuilding, muscle mass, building muscleArticle Body:by Scott White What has this cost me so far, concerning my health, physical condition, self-confidence, and energy levels? Here's a few hints and tricks to help your flyers avoid the trash:
Name: sestrorecktulkY    Date: 08.02.2017
Продается просторная, двусторонняя 4-х комнатная квартира
в пяти минутах ходьбы от парка Дубки! Вид на воду.
В собственности с 2011 года. Возможна ипотека.
Дом построен по индивидуальному проекту и вписан в природный ландшафт. Вблизи магазины,школы, два детсада, замечательная детская библиотека, Школа Олимпийского резерва, клиника Скандинавия и городская поликлиника 5 мин на транспорте. Рядом излюбленные рестораны на побережье, базы отдыха, все для активной жизни и встреч с друзьями!
Произведена дизайнерская отделка высококачественными материалами,стены покрыты венецианской штукатуркой. Натяжные потолки со встроенным освещением. напольные покрытия: виниловая плитка, паркетная доска, импортный ламинат.
Общая площадь квартиры 102 кв. м., жилая 64 кв.м.Кухня-гостиная 31,7 кв.м.
Комнаты - 19,1+17,3+11,3 кв. м.
Две лоджии 3,3+3,2 кв.м.
Гардеробная 6,4 кв. м.
Ванная 8,1 кв.м.
Высота потолка 2,9 м.

В чистых парадных дома видеонаблюдение, цветы, домофон. Служба консьержей всегда на связи.
Хорошая управляющая компания, коммунальные платежи от 4000 р.до 8000р., в зависимости от времени года. - купить квартиру в сестрорецке вторичное - продаю квартиру сестрорецк - квартиры в сестрорецке - аренда квартир в сестрорецке - купить квартиру в сестрорецке новостройки
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MINISTER ZA ZDRAVJE OPOZARJA: Prekomerno pitje alkohola je zdravju škodljivo!